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About Us


The Office of Strategic Planning & Institutional Analysis (Office) is part of the President’s Office and reports to the Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. The Office is responsible for facilitating and establishing University-wide objectives; developing University long-range and strategic plans; and, identifying University strengths and weaknesses, and business opportunities.

Strategic Planning & Institutional Analysis

The Office provides high level support to executive leadership in the development and expansion of academic, research, clinical and administrative programs. The Office keeps top management informed on long-range academic, research and health care trends and makes appropriate recommendations. Also, the Office participates in the review of laws which have an affect on procedures and planning. Specifically, the Office is responsible for the following:

  • Develops, implements and leads strategic planning processes
  • Identifies critical issues/opportunities
  • Develops strategic recommendations to management
  • Provides support to the strategic management process
  • Identifies and assesses strategic issues
  • Leads, participates and/or facilitates strategic discussions
  • Manages strategic initiatives
  • Assesses new business opportunities and assesses potential impact and formulates strategic initiatives
  • Oversees and coordinates the planning and implementation of the institution’s strategic plan
  • Responsible for the preparation of planning, program analysis and strategic/financial plans and working in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer, executive committee members and The University of Texas System

External Reporting

The Office is also responsible for reviewing all reports that contain official institutional information distributed to external organizations and agencies prior to their release. The Office will maintain a central repository database of all external reports to ensure that data is correct and consistently reported to various parties. Also, the reporting definitions of data will be maintained centrally in the event the reporting criteria and calculations are different between agencies.

Submitting Reports

Business Continuity

The Office will provide support in the development and coordination of emergency planning, training, response and recovery procedures. The Health Science Center addresses both Business Continuity and Emergency Management by partnering with administration and various departments within the institution.